What I’m Doing Now

I’m busy with a couple priorities in particular:

  • Expertscape – Please check it out. We identify and objectively rank medical expertise by specific topic using the NIH PubMed database. It’s really clever and useful, if a little clunky-looking, and physicians and scientists really like it. www.expertscape.com
  • #SF4TF – This is the working title (Sales Fundamentals for Tech Founders) for my new book. I’m taking a different, more collaborative approach with this one. If you have founder experience or are investing in them, I’d love to get your perspective and feedback. And maybe a war story. If so, click here.

I’ve also got a novel in the works, and I’m doing some sales consulting/coaching on a limited basis. And I make a lot of pizza these days…

(BTW, I got this page idea from Derek Sivers.)